What Everyone Else is to Pussy to Talk About

Dog owners are probably the only thing as annoying as a couple with a newborn baby when it comes to getting all defensive when businesses “bully” their dogs by not allowing them on the premises. It must be pure self entitlement that makes these people think that they can bring their dog with them on planes, in stores, and apartment complexes just because their dog would “never hurt a soul”! It doesn’t matter that your dog can fit a child’s head in its powerful jaws or that it looks buffer than most bros at the gym. He just wants to cuddle and play fetch right? There is no reason or circumstance that would cause aggression! How ridiculous! Come on people. No matter how mild mannered your Rottweiler is you have to respect such a powerful creature. You can’t just assume that your dog would never do something because you don’t feel like it would.

The fact is dogs that are considered an aggressive breed are considered that for a reason. Walking around with such a powerful creature like it’s a cuddly teddy bear is like walking around with a loaded gun and saying it is not dangerous because it is only for target practice. Just because that gun has never harmed anyone it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Similar to a gun, if a dog is mistreated it too could go off at anytime, but what qualifies as mistreatment? Even the most loved and spoiled dogs can not be harbored from everything that could possibly happen to upset, annoy, or scare them. Owning one of these aggressive breeds is a big risk.

It would be ridiculous to tell people that they can not own these animals, but I believe that we need more systems in place to ensure they are handled properly, trained and conditioned to be around people in public settings to mitigate the risks. It is true that even well trained dogs can attack, but I believe that with the proper precautions and owner screening these incidents will decrease dramatically. While the current laws may not be perfect, in my opinion the answer is not to get rid of them, but improve them. These dogs still pose a threat to the communities they are in and guidelines should be in place to ensure aggressive breeds are handled correctly.


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