There is a reason insurance companies classify some dog breeds as “aggressive” and that reason is because those dogs are involved in a larger number of aggressive incidents. People can complain all day about how their dog isn’t aggressive and say things like, “It’s the owner not the breed” all they want. Insurance companies work off of statistics not emotion. The reason Pitbulls or Dobermans are considered aggressive is because they are statistically more likely to bite someone and cause serious harm.

Your dog is the biggest sweetheart ever and would never do anything like that, right? Well maybe if you take a step back and really consider the possibilities you would see that you are sitting on a ticking time bomb. What happens when your friend is watching your puppy while you are out of town and their kid is relentlessly antagonizing it? Do you really know what will happen?

This blog is all about reality. Dogs bite and big dogs do more damage. If you have a dog like that you need to take proper precautions so innocent bystanders aren’t attacked because you’re gentle giant “wouldn’t hurt a soul”.  Everything is a crusade for rights these days. What’s next? Serial killers are crazy. They don’t know what they are doing so they shouldn’t go to jail for mass murder?

I get it that this is an unpopular opinion, but this information needs to be shared. This blog is all about the risk you are putting others under when you own an aggressive dog breed and the steps you need to be taking to minimize that risk for those around you. It will also cover facts about aggressive dog breeds and how they affect communities, instead of the emotional appeals of the “don’t bully my breed” movement. Just because you don’t like the truth doesn’t mean the messenger is a bully. Big dogs are dangerous simply because they are big enough to do something if you piss them off. There are plenty of angry ankle bitters that want to murder everything that can’t do anything about it. That doesn’t mean your cuddly husky can’t bite someone’s face off.